Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Twenty-Two Painters | Curated by Alex Gene Morrison & Kiera Bennett

Phillip Allen, Peter Ashton-Jones, Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Katrina Blannin, Dan Coombs, Leigh Curtis, Teresita Dennis, Andrew Grassie, Alexis Harding, Nadia Hebson, Adam Holmes-Davies, Sigrid Holmwood, Paul Housley, Dan Howard-Birt, Aly Helyer, Phil King, Alex Gene Morrison, Tom Platt, Ben Spiers, Neal Tait, Jonathan Wateridge

CHARLIE SMITH LONDON is delighted to host the convergence of an interconnected group of UK based artists who all engage deeply with the material construction, history and ongoing vitality of painting as a relevant contemporary medium.

The approaches within this shared preoccupation are varied: the viscous, hard edged, fat, thin, fast, slow, lyrical, discordant, romantic, expansive, analytical, calm and urgent will all work alongside one another to form a multi-headed alliance.

Saturday 19 November – Saturday 17 December 2016
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Phillip Allen | This train isn’t stopping (I should coco version) | 2016 | Oil on board | 26x30cm
Peter Ashton-Jones | The Swell | 2016 | Oil on linen | 40.5x56.5cm    

Kiera Bennett | Cave | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 40x30cm    

Dan Coombs | Highlands | 2013 | Oil on canvas | 75x100cm    

Andrew Grassie | Mike Kelley Set with Arch at the Geffen LA | 2015 | Tempera on paper on board | 21.9x28.2cm    

Nadia Hebson | Collar for DS | 2015 | Acrylic and gesso on board | 40x40cm 

Paul Housely | Dead Dove | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 40x50cm    

Alex Gene Morrison | Jaw Yellow Blast | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 30x21cm    

Ben Spiers | Bootstraps | 2016 | Oil on linen | 45x45cm    

Jonathan Watering | Enclave Study - Wall | 2016 | Oil on linen | 30x40cm    

Installation Images | Charlie Smith London

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