Saturday, 24 May 2014

'FLEURSDUMAL' Curated by Dolly Thompsett Exhibition Dates : Friday May 9th - Saturday June 7th 2014 at CHARLIE SMITH LONDON


Curated by Dolly Thompsett
Emma Bennett, Michael Boffey, G L Brierley, Bernhard Martin, Neal Rock, Dolly Thompsett
Thursday May 8th 6.30-8.30pm

Friday May 9th - Saturday June 7th 2014

Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm or by appointment

‘The beautiful is always strange’, said Baudelaire.  The artists in this show demonstrate within their painterly flourishes a strange beauty that alludes to a sense of corruption and to  the festering nature of an often hidden aspect of human consciousness.  The work selected relates to Baudelaire’s collection of 19th century poems ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ by embracing an awareness of  death, degeneracy and pain. The six artists in the exhibition have developed visual vocabularies that echo Baudelaire's syntax in  order to elucidate something, something that speaks most strangely of beauty. Within these paintings a moment of expression is fashioned by means of art that truly speaks of life, like a briefly blossoming  flower that feeds from the decomposing carcasses of beasts, great and small, and from the sun above.

Dolly Thompsett

Dolly Thompsett
'The Secret Life of Mrs Andrews'
Acrylic, ink, mixed media on patterned upholstery linen
90cm x 67cm

Dolly Thompsett
Acrylic, ink, mixed media on patterned upholstery linen
31cm x 41cm

Bernhard Martin
'I actually wanted to make a picture of love'
Oil on raw canvas
80cm x 70cm

G L Brierley
Oil on panel
30cm x 40cm

Emma Bennett
'Watching the Dark'
Oil on canvas
122cm x 91.5cm

Emma Bennett
'A Weightless Quiet'
Oil on oak panel
25cm x 20cm

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