Sunday, 6 December 2009

Miami Day 5: Score Draw

I wake up to the news that a 7 year old British boy has recently sold his watercolours for $28,000. According to his enthusiastic gallerist 'He is red-hot. The last child artist in this bracket was Picasso.' I'm deeply sceptical but looking beyond the hyperbole the paintings are actuallly very good for a 7 year old, if indeed they are made by little Kieron. I think I'd sooner have one of these hanging than a Stallone.

Back at Pulse Charlie's boys are still receiving a lot of attention. Between Jackson, Nolan, Shepherd and Stark they are pulling in collectors, museums, art fair directors and international galleries. The week is progressing well with the bulk of the weekend to go. Its a shame the same can't be said for Liverpool, who are on their way to a no-score-draw away to Blackburn. As I wonder if the mythical Aquilani has made an appearance yet I console myself with the thought of England's World Cup draw - excellently described in The Sun as E.A.S.Y. - England / Algeria / Slovenia / Yanks.

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