Monday, 21 December 2009

In Process: Demonology

My last official working Friday of the year was spent having the pleasure of visiting studios around Hackney with one eye on the next show: 'Demonology'. First up was James Jessop, where he is working on a classic large scale painting of a giant, marauding monster that is wreaking havoc on an undisclosed city some place, some time. This painting will be a centre-piece of the show and I can't wait to see it once the Jessop text / graf has been worked in to take it to the next level. Welcome to Charlie's James Jessop - the beast is loose!

Next was Danny Treacy and John Stark. I was tipped off about Danny Treacy pre-The Future Can Wait by John, and I was not disappointed by his recommendation. Rumley and I brought Danny into the show with a large scale photographic figure work that became one of the key pieces, working perfectly with the derelict industrial location that we had atop the Old Truman Brewery. Treacy's practice is intense, precise, disturbing and incredibly engaging. From identifying what he calls 'fertile grounds' to collecting disgarded garments and sewing them into outfits in his studio, that he then photographs himself wearing, there is a murderous, forensic and fetishist side to his work that is chilling yet dangerously seductive.       

Stepping next into Stark's studio, I had the pleasure of seeing a work in progress that is nothing short of sensational. John is making a technical materpiece that takes Salvator Rosa's 'Witches at their Incantations' as its inspiration. Here we have demons, monsters and beasts from the underworld overwhelming King Saul. This painting is an illustration of the fundamental interests that 'Demonology' looks to navigate, and I simply can't wait to get the painting up in the gallery. 

Finally I had a date with Jasper Joffe, who is making some really interesting still lifes, if I can call them that. Painted from the imagination, there is one piece in particular that I would be happy to add to my collection. Its a couragous decision to make large scale flower paintings. Recalling both Picasso and Matisse, Joffe's Modernist leanings are clear, but with its scale, off square format and sheer ebullience this is quite a painting. From here though we went on to discuss the 'Demonology' show, and I'm confident that Jasper's viral curse painting / object will be quite something. The show is shaping up nicely...  

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