Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mark McGowan, 'Nick Griffin Dancing in Cable Street'

In conjunctoin with the private view of 'FUTURE OR RUIN' at CHARLIE SMITH london on Thursday November 5th Mark McGowan will dance from Cable Street to the gallery in Old St dressed as Nick Griffin:

In an extraordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to dance from Cable Street in East London to CHARLIE SMITH london in Old Street starting at 4.30pm on Bonfire night, 5th November 2009, wearing a Nick Griffin mask and dressed with a black shirt.

Cable Street is famous for its battle when Irish and Jewish immigrants stopped Oswald Mosely and his black shirts marching through the East End. McGowan says,"This art performance is a piece about freedom of speech. I know there might be some left wing and even right wing people not happy with this event, i am not taking sides it is just a comment on current times and maybe even a homage to Gillian Wearings 'Dancing In Peckham' but with a twist."

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lovemateacher said...

have you ever asked yourself how old you think mark mcgowan is...i have...