Friday, 30 November 2007

John Stark at London Art Fair | Art Projects | 16-20 January 2008

John Stark is one of London's most exciting and committed young painters working today. Still under 30 years old and a graduate from the unparallelled Royal Academy, Stark's vision is uniquely intoxicating. Drawing on a connoisseur's thirst for Old Master painting, contemporary and modern film, and classical literature, Stark engages his audience in a morbid reverie. Desolate, neo-classical landscapes are populated by hermits, witches and corpses that provide an implied narrative rooted in timelessness.

But whilst drawing on the Romantic and the Gothic Stark positions himself firmly in the contemporary arena. Reference, appropriation and transcription are tools that have been employed by cutting edge contemporary artists throughout history and abundantly in recent years. Stark is an artist who can combine this strategy with a personalized vision and constant inquiry into technical and compositional devices in order to remain fresh, investigative and innovative.

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