Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Future Can Wait

My addition to this year's Frieze week was The Future Can Wait, a survey show of 43 London based or educated progressive, emerging artists at the 15,000 sq ft Atlantis Gallery at the Old Truman Brewery, co-curated with Simon Rumley. My thinking is that with so much art fair activity on a global scale throughout the year, we need to head back to presenting work outside of a 5m sq booth, and with Rumley's insistence on the lack of quality throughout most group shows, we thought we'd put on a show with great quality throughout in a spacious environment on a grand, art fair-like scale. And so The Future Can Wait was born. Devised to run alongside Frieze and Zoo, this was the first edition of a new annual event. Next year will be bigger, maybe better, and we will gradually introduce international partners. Already we are planning smaller selections at Mark Moore in LA and Changing Role in Naples and Rome in March and April of next year. With artists like Cathy Lomax, Stella Vine, Tessa Farmer, Gordon Cheung, Gavin Nolan, James Jessop and Jennifer Allen the show was, it has to be said, a great success - good press, great response, 3000 people at the opening, show offers, strong sales, and all parties involved enthusiastic to go again. So watch this space...and check out

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